Continuous study for the research, use of primary materials to give a unique atmosphere.


Style, but lightly.
Innovation, boldly charismatic.
Innovative concepts and pioneering a bold language of the future.


The expression of your company merged between innovation and personality.
Convey what you are worth.


The detail that wins.
Beautiful piece.
an object with emotions.


From the technical rules, calculations, specifications and drawings, we arrive at the definition dictates, guidelines and specifications necessary for the production or realization of an artifact, a piece of furniture, apparatus, or in general.

We specialize in innovative design, namely the development of a new product on the customer.

Industrial Design is the excellence of Italian design and creativity.

Piergiorgio Pradella

Piergiorgio Pradella carries on business in Verona where he was born.

After completing his art studies in 1982 he founded his own design studio and graduated late in 1998 in Industrial Design Engineering-Civil, with the important project for the rehabilitation of “Piazza delle Erbe” of Verona.

The architect is particularly fond of change in the design choice of areas for action: An example is the contract that took him years to work in America, Russia…

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