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The industrial design studio “Dr. Piergiorgio Pradella” is a company founded in 1982 and is currently comprised of a team of specialists including professors, set designers and graduates in interior design.
The studio is housed within a eight century historic building, in the Centre of Verona, (it was previously warehouse of carriages). The studio focuses on design projects, aimed at industrial and artisanal production of objects and furniture, home decor, bathroom furniture, kitchens, as well as designs for restaurants, hotels, offices, showrooms; and interior design for private homes, as well as for different types of exibitions.

Our works

An example of our work is the prestigious restaurant “three crowns of Giovanni Rana”, in the scaligera’s area, which is very close to our studio.
The design studio works with numerous companies on various projects related to the creation of artistic home furniture collection. A special feature of our design is the incorporation of valuable inserts of various type; these are strongly identifying details of our design. We create exhibition stands for many important shows including “Salone del Mobile” in Milan, Moscow, “Crocus at Maison” and “Objet” in Paris.
Among civic projects, we have developed is the restructuring of “Piazza delle Erbe” in Verona. This project incorporated the new exhibition stalls of which prototype was patented at “Abitare il Tempo”.
The studio, over the years has designed many furnishings for hotels and shops, tailoring projects to each specific environment (lobby, bar, rooms, suites, meeting rooms, offices).
Various projects have been skillfully implemented with regard to style and function and have been achieved with prestigious recognition in countries and cities such Japan, Sweden, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia, Singapore, New York, Cairo, Bangkok, as well as in various Italian cities.
In recent years, in which the desire for change in the type of furniture has been in the air, the firm has played an excellence leading role developing a new design language, in the area of ​​classic taste;
We have been a leader in an innovative production of what is now call classic contemporary.
This development has closed the gap between design and production. It has strengthen the role of the author-designer as intellectual guide and manager of a successful quality and appearance of the product.